Monday, December 22, 2008

Willy Willy Itchy

A few days ago I saw Tonka kicking at his belly through the bedroom window and my heart sank. Cold weather colic is a worrisome reality under these conditions, as dear EvenSong knows all too well. His blanket straps seemed a bit snug when I investigated, so I loosened them and didn't observe any further discomfort until yesterday when I found him kicking more fitfully and swishing his tail as if he had a fly on his belly.

His sheath appeared slightly swollen and when I gave it a scratch he was instantly in heaven, lifting his rear legs like a dog to give me better access. Other than the swelling and itchiness there was nothing unusual -- he wasn't particularly dirty and there was no bean (rude of me to check without lube, but he didn't mind in the least). I scratched for a good 10 minutes and wondered how to proceed.

This morning he was kicking with even more agitation so I decided to call Kerstin. She figures it is a bug bite some minor infection, and she was able to drop off some topical "Special Formula" this morning, which is indicated for treatment of mastitis in lactating cows. Tonka doesn't mind -- he is feeling much better already. David and I made the best of Tonka's misery while we were waiting for Kerstin by getting some funny pictures.

While I was applying the "Special Formula" Raven wandered up to see what was happening and Tonka squealed with fury before trying to bite her. I have NEVER seen him show any aggression towards her (despite her frequent and vicious attacks on him), so I take that as some indication of how uncomfortable he was. Afterwards I went about my chores and Tonka followed me around begging for more willy scratching. He was so persistent that I finally had to chase him off with the manure fork.

And one of the rebuffed Raven in her new blanket. It is up around -1C here today, so she might be back into her shell soon. The propane truck did make it up The Hill, so we will be warm for Christmas.


EvenSong said...

Silly Willy W(T)onka! Love those lip-curling looks! Hope the itch has been taken care of.
And Miss Raven, though rebuffed, looks quite elegant in her blankie! (Was that the one you got from Jeffers? I couldn't find that post, but I really like that model with the high neck.)
Stay warm (easier now) and have a happy Christmas!

allhorsestuff said...

Hay therre!
Oh he looks to be in "itch heaven"!
My husband says this funny word from time to applies to Tonka= "Itchykapocka"
Glad that it is just some serious
And so gald for "The HILL" concured!
hopighi = when horses and sometimes pigs...seem to say "hi"

dp said...

ES: It is this one from Schneider's and it is perfect for her. I am loathe to put a full neck on her because she loves to scratch herself on the sappy trees, but this is just the perfect coverage. Hope things are warming up a little your way, and that thing are normalizing a little after last week.

AHS: Yes, poor Tonka has some serious itchykapocka going on. He is starting to look uncomfortable again so it is time for more "Special Formula".

dp said...

Oops -- it's not the heavy weight blanket. It is the mid weight of the same design.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I loved the photos in this post. Hope the itch is abating today, and maybe Tonka wouldn't agree, but those lip curls were worth the discomfort. That sounds so mean. Sorry, Tonka, but you really are an adorable fellow!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the propane truck!

Any idea why Tonka is so itchy?

dp said...

As I was applying last night's "Special Formula" I found a ball of gunk in the inner sanctum. It was about an inch in diameter and it seemed to have a few little rocks in it. Goodness only knows how it got there, but I think that was the source of the discomfort and probably a minor infection. He is feeling much better today (but he does like to have his willy scratched at the best of times).

Anonymous said...

LOL! He's suck a BOY! They all like having their willies "scratched"!

Brandy said...

Those pix are a hoot! Such a boy!

I'm glad you were able to solve his 'problem' and almost everyone was pleased... Poor Raven, so sad, getting chased off by a jealous itchy boy!

Funder said...

Love the itchy-faces! "Flehmen response" is such a clinical word; I call it camel lip when I'm laughing at my guys.