Sunday, December 21, 2008


Otherwise known as propane, which is at the forefront of my mind today. The Ruddy Beast originally had a HUGE oil furnace that was manufactured in 1945. It saw us through the first winter (failing often and requiring $400 fill ups even more often), and it was the first thing to go when summer rolled around. We replaced it with a hybrid heat pump/furnace system. The pump cools the house in summer and heats the house in winter, but it only works down to about 2C. After that we rely on the 96% efficient propane furnace. Last winter our 150 gallon tank got filled about once a month, but over the past week we have using 5% or more of its capacity daily. As of yesterday morning we were down to 15%. The truck is scheduled to come tomorrow if it can make it up The Hill* safely.

The topographical reliefs show how Farcical Farm sits on a plateau in the Fraser River valley, and the picture shows the location from below. Although it appears puny compared to its surrounding, I assure you that The Hill is steep. Some of the big 4X4 trucks can fight their way up when it is covered in snow, but a sheer drop to the west makes it treacherous for vehicles like the Red Menace and the propane truck. The Hill did get plowed, sanded and salted after last night's heavy snow, but we have the heat in the house down to 15C just in case it snows again tonight. Thank goodness for the electric mattress pad! I think we'll be investing in a larger tank next summer.

*Any time that residents of the Deroche plateau gather The Hill is guaranteed to come up in conversation. People hate it because it was poorly built on an unsuitable grade and it's falling apart. But people love it because its poor condition guarantees that the two 20+ acre properties for sale on the plateau cannot be developed (it simply would not support sustained movement of heavy equipment). It is currently scheduled to be rebuilt during the summer of 2010, but we all know that's subject to change.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Love/hate relationship with a hill. Makes sense to me. Very interesting post. I hope the truck makes it up okay tomorrow. This is one time you might want to consider letting the dogs on the bed:)

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there!
Oh..hope the hill can be managed!

So glad that you have power..we do too still, but many here do not = 46 thousand.
The stable is out they have someone coming to get them to go get more..since the pipes are fozen again. Man!!!
I can't get out but we have heating oil and You., glad for that heating pad for the bed!


dp said...

I think that love/hate relationships with hills come naturally to any cyclist, BJC. Propane arrived earlier today, so no need to let the dogs into the bed yet.

I can't believe that you guys got whammed again, AHS. Your barn managers must be getting sick and tired of this. It's supposed to warm up here this week, so I hope it will be the same for you.

Funder said...

Cool, I love the maps! I'm glad yall are going to be warm for Christmas :)

I am amused to see that horrible road designers aren't strictly an American phenomenon. The second picture clearly shows that N. Deroche Rd runs NW to the hill then N then E... wtf?! Memphis is full of very confusing and poorly named roads like that.

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