Monday, December 8, 2008

The Horses of Hawaii

Today was all about touring around the Oahu beaches with our friends. We passed two or three riding facilities en route and I was amazed and amused to note that a box stall in Hawaii can consist of 8 posts, 21 2X6X8 boards and a gate (does Klein live in such housing, I wonder?). Just one of the many many things there is to love about this place.


allhorsestuff said...

DP...Klein O..I'd say not that small!~
Envy city, where I live
right now!

Brandy said...

Lucky Klein - and her owner! They sound like a match made in heaven. I'm glad to see her taking it slow and easy with this lovely girl, and building her into a superb horse! I will follow their career!

I hope it's not rainy there right now, I know the rainy season in Hawaii can scare Noah!

Sounds like Hawaii has changed a bit from the scrubby ill bred trail stock we had in the 70's! Hooray!

Brandy said...

Errr... the horses, I mean!
And excepting the stuff bred on the Thompson's place on Maui, they had some gorgeous QH's!

dp said...

We haven't had any rain so far, but the forecast is calling for a big storm tonight.

We have seen some scrubby, ill-bred trail stock (horses, not people) but many of the horses appeared to be quality animals living idyllic lives. We won't get to Maui but we are going to the North Shore today so I will keep my eyes open for more open-air box stalls.