Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sleepy Heads

The wild winds subsided sometime last night and today broke clear, cold and calm. Whereas Tonka and Raven ate nonstop yesterday, they both spent most of today napping in the sun -- all that wind over the past few days must have kept them watchful and wakeful.

I had to take this picture from the house to avoid waking them -- can you see Tonka behind what's left of our greenhouse? Note the degree to which Raven is resting her right hind. The hock joint is obviously still troubling her (as evidenced by its high, awkward action after she has been standing for any length of time), but her attitude is great and her weight has stayed consistent. At this point I am just happy that she is comfortable -- we'll do what we can about soundness over the coming weeks and months.

1 comment:

allhorsestuff said...

Yea DP..My two mares have been ultra sleepy-head like lately...maybe it is the cold freezing and windy nights...they just doze and doze these days..I don't even mind not riding for the past 4 days myself.
Maybe tomorrow.
Your two are cute laxin out!Oh..new word...relax+Lazin' LAXIN'!