Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Apple Each Day

Until this cold spell passes I am giving Raven 1 gram of bute per day to keep her hock comfortable. Raven will not touch any food that has come in contact with powdered bute, and she tightens her lips like a clam when she sees a tube of the paste alternative. Early on I was transfering paste to my fingers and smearing it on her tongue, but (1) it was not healthy for our relationship and (2) it seemed unfair to ask Melissa to continue with the practice in our absence. Before leaving for Hawaii I found a new way:

  1. Drill a hole into an apple with a 3/8" bit
  2. Inject paste bute into the hole
  3. Place apple into morning feed with the hole facing down

She catches on if the hole is facing upwards, but otherwise this method has worked like a charm for two weeks now. I hope it will come in handy for some other FFF readers.


Funder said...

That's totally hysterical.

I wonder if she catches on halfway through crunching up the apple, but there's nobody around to see her and it doesn't really taste that bad so she just eats it...

bologe: processed meat scented perfume for men.

Brandy said...

OMG, that is AWESOME!!!

I learned a similar trick when having to give other dogs a pill. (My own dog would come and sit. I would explain what the pill was for, then open his mouth and pop it in. He would swallow it. But then, he totally trusted me, was very smart, and very well trained!)

For tougher dogs, I put the pill in a small piece of hot dog. Then I take TWO pieces of the treat. Show the dog BOTH pieces, give him the pilled piece, then offer the second piece immediately. The dog's greed for the yummy bit will overwhelm any "search" for a pill, and both pieces and the pill go down easily! Well, I had success about 95% of the time with the toughest dogs!

eptica: the BEST hair removal device EVAR! (I wish!)

dp said...

Funder: I think that's it. She will push the apple aside if she smells the bute, but when it's upside down she chomps in and decides having the apple is better than not having the bute.

Brandy: I use a similar trick with dogs, but always ice cream. It is sweet and cold, and they never know the pill is in there. Cats, on the other hand...they are always tricky. Plus there is the retractable claws.

Both: awesome definitions.