Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hardworking Henry

With the ambient temperature at 5 degrees Celcius and the relative humidity at 80% it is hard to get turnout sheets dry without bringing them into the house (which I try to avoid -- we don't need the smell of wet horse layered over the smell of wet dog). This morning I washed Tonka's 1200D sheet and draped it over the conveniently-horse-shaped Henry to dry with the assistance of two oscillating fans.

Meanwhile Tonka looks like a private school girl flirting with skirt length rules in his new sheet, which is considerably shorter than his other two.

Raven was feeling better today, moving well and eating like she had never eaten before. Kerstin spoke with best leg vet in the Fraser Valley and he agrees that her symptoms are consistent with bone and/or cartilage damage. He recommended that we put her back on one gram of bute per day and Kerstin will come do the x-rays later this week. We recently got a newsletter from her practice saying that they had purchased a digital machine, so I should have news for you in near-real-time.


Brandy said...

Oooh, sexay Tonka! I bet that will be cooler on him too.

Hooray for Henry, what a trooper!

Bone pain could explain Raven's continued pain, even a bone bruise if she whonked her leg when she was poked. That does take a bit longer to heal, but leaves no lasting damage. I'm hoping for that....

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I love that description, "like a private school girl flirting with skirt length rules"! That's how my Casey looks in his sheet now that he's gained weight.

I actually had someone try to tell me it was too small when they meant too short, maybe?

Funny, my word for verification is "hanglo"!

dt said...

Thank you Brandy for the hopeful thought. A bruised bone would certainly sting, but at least it's self-repairable!