Sunday, May 25, 2008

It All Comes Out in the Wash

A quiet day around here, thank goodness. Raven ate and drank and pooped as if nothing ever happened, but I decided to wait another day before fitting and trying the new bitless bridle. This left lots of time to tackle some items on the never-ending chore list.

For reasons too boring to explain David and I ended up with an extra washing machine in January. It's old and cranky, but we decided to put it in the garage for horse and dog laundry. Last week we identified the perfect location (our garage is both huge and complicated), and today we organized all the cables and hoses necessary to make it work. I celebrated by washing Tonka and Raven's rain sheets, cool coats and fly masks this afternoon. It was sunny when I started, but the rain sheets were truly "wash and wear" because it was pouring by the time they finished their spin cycle. Here comes the rain again!

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