Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Manure Pile

Most online horse-related forums have a posting area called "The Manure Pile" where users can vent their myriad frustrations. I spent most of yesterday in our real-life manure pile, moving three months of accumulation around and getting the composting system sorted out. Instead of fully enclosing the 10 X 12 bins on three sides we decided to use chicken wire for improved aeration. Better for the compost, but quite maddening to manipulate when it comes in 100 foot rolls. With much help from David most of the manure is now perking away in bin #1, and tomorrow I will get bin #2 ready for action. We are looking forward to using this stuff in our vegetable garden next summer.


LatigoLiz said...

Nice start! You might want to get some tarps to keep out excess moisture in the wet months, too. For more information, check out Horses For Clean Water.

dp said...

Thanks! We are now into the second bin and everything is tarped up most of the time, though I open the tarps in the rain if the compost needs more water. We don't have a hose at that end of the pasture.

Anonymous said...

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