Monday, May 5, 2008

A Rave Review

I love the Blocker Tie Ring. It's not often that a product lives up to its reviews, but this has transformed my thinking in a mere 48 hours. Yesterday I brought both horses out for a good shedding/grooming session, and Raven stood like she has never stood before -- calm, quiet and totally relaxed. Even Tonka (who ties without a problem, but does paw when anxious) was noticeably more at ease. Neither challenged the ring at all -- it was if they simply sensed that they were not trapped. I'm a total convert. This morning when I was tacking up for a ride with some friends I was able to leave Raven tied while I went inside to change my shirt, which would have been unimaginable last week. Then we spent a happy three hours cruising along the dikes and the river, and she was reasonably well-behaved in the company of some 100% solid geldings. Much as I love going out alone, it was also nice to have company.

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