Friday, May 9, 2008

Please Yield

Yielding to pressure is not Raven's strong point. So far I've gained her respect through bullheaded persistence, but I am experienced and relatively fearless with horses. Sometime soon I expect to leave everyone in David's care for a few weeks, in which case Raven needs a tuneup. Big names like Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson and Jonathan Field have convinced me that carrying a big stick will help her along. These carrot/handy/horseman's sticks measures about 48" long without much flex, making them more of a "whump" than a whip. They are firm enough to get a horse's attention when needed, and also to give a nice little scratch when earned. Raven has been responding well to her workouts, thinking her way through to the correct answer 95% of the time. Her steadiness, intelligence and desire to please never cease to amaze me.

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