Monday, May 19, 2008

Nom Nom Nom

That's the noise David imagines Raven to be making as she tears nonstop (nomstop?) through the grass on our pasture. He is amazed that any creature can eat so much without seeming to gain any weight (and I am envious). Since her arrival on March 26th Raven has put on ~150 lbs, and I would like to see her gain at least 50 more. She no longer looks obviously skinny, but she is still ribby and angular in places where I'd like to see her more fleshy and round. One dilemma is that I prefer to steer away from concentrated or engineered feeds as they seem so far removed from a horse's natural diet. Another dilemma is that Tonka needs low-carb hay, which restricts Raven to the same (a smart person would have sought out another easy keeper as her second horse). She's out on the grass for an average of 6 hours/day right now, and I've just bumped up her oat and beet pulp rations a little -- it will be interesting to see what the next weeks bring. I am pleased to report that her scruffy orange winter coat is coming in a lovely glossy black now, which I will take as evidence that I'm doing something right.

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