Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Treasure Hunt

With poo as the payoff. Fresh manure on old snow is easy to find, but fresh snow on old manure makes for a fun game. I have been trying hard to pick the paddock clean every day, but I keep coming across long-buried piles. Who knows how things will look when everything melts? I certainly won't miss pushing wheelbarrows through the snow. The forecast now suggests that may be sometime after boxing day...


Anonymous said...

Pretty tree!

I gave up with keeping the poo out of our yard. The snow falls fast enough that it gets hidden right away. I suppose there's time after the melt off...

Black Jack's Carol said...

I think that's another reason why Bill is so vigilant abut keeping the path around our yard clear. Black Jack would much rather deliver her treasures where she can crouch without getting snow up her derriere. Makes the hunt much simpler for us too. Do Raven and Tonka show any appreciation for the snow?

allhorsestuff said...

Hello this White Christmas Eve DP,
very nice little tree.

I had to express my concern to the stable owners today -via phone-for my mares standing in the stalls piled hight w/2+ days of poo...Pantz's stall, as she is so-darned-faithful to go IN IT, must have 50 + poos! ooou...now that would be a sight and a chore to wheel barrel all that in this...!!!

We used to be Catholic as well.
I was trying to get those songs to play on the "Playlist" music box...but wrote them out instead, as I can't remember my password!

MERYY MERRY my sweet friend. May you and all yours be blessed!
Yours sincerely,
Kacy with Washashe mare, Elsie cat and husband Bruce~