Monday, October 27, 2008

Sex and the Country

One of the many unglamerous tasks associated with horse ownership is genital hygiene. Both boys and girls as their natural secretions mix with dirt and stick to the surrounding skin. In the wild I assume that stallions stay clean by breeding and that mares stay clean by birthing and nursing, but domestic animals need some (ideally semiannual) assistance.

A few days ago I saw Raven enthusiastically rubbing her rump against the fence, which is often a sign of uncomfortable girl parts (she is up-to-date on her worming). Mares get dirtiest between their udders, but fluid from the vulva also pools and sticks between their hind legs. When I last cleaned Raven in May she was VERY unreceptive and I was forced to do a cursory job (while dodging blows). Today was a different story -- she looked totally content and relaxed throughout the half hour of fussing and scrubbing and picking and rinsing required to get her squeaky clean. Another testament to how much she is starting to trust me.

Tonka, on the other hand, would probably trust anyone to clean his sheath because he is a giant horn dog. He looked a bit uncomfortable when I removed a small "bean" (a hard ball of dirt and smegma that collects in the tip of the urethra), but otherwise he made a lot of sexy faces and some silly grunting noises. His eyes did bug out a little when I put the cold hose right up there to give him a final rinse. A good job to get done on a sunny day.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Now you just have to figure out a way to do your genital hygiene chores with one hand and take pictures with the other. Same with the curly lip. This picture was great, but seeing Raven do her thing would be priceless. Can you get Dave involved?

Again, memories flood back as I read this. Sam, like Tonka, was more than happy to have me clean his private parts. As it sometimes got as cold as minus 40, there was a wood stove in the tack room, which connected to the barn. Raymond used to heat up the water on the stove, and I would mix that with the cold, to make something about body temperature. Sam quite enjoyed the whole process, i think. I was less enthused, but did enjoy his funny faces. Sort of the antidote to your other post, I guess. A safer read today)

Brandy said...

LOL, yeah, I bet those faces were priceless! Haha, cold water hose is a sure cure for that loving feeling, isn't it?

Wow, Raven is really progressing! Your black beauty is definitely your girl!

And I must agree, it's a special form of love that brings us to clean genitals, poopy butts, dirty carpets, etc. Or maybe a special form of insanity!

But I realized when I was working at the kennels that it's pretty easy to take $h!t off of animals and babies as they don't mean it! They generally don't do it on purpose, and sometimes don't even realize they've done it at all!

dp said...

BJC: My camera battery is dead and I didn't think that David would appreciate girly gunk on his D50 (he wasn't home). Will try to get some video of the lip loving, though. And yes, I remember doing the boys at the barn during cold Ontario winters. Brr!

Brandy: Raven has really changed over the past month. It is partially the weather (she gets stressed by the bugs in the summer) but partially just her attitude shifting. She has changed hands so many times in her life that I'm not sure she's ever really bonded with a person before. It's a lot of fun. And yes, cleaning up dogs/cats/horses/goats is just part of having them. Our dogs are usually devastated if they have some kind of accident, so you just feel bad for them.

Funder said...

Champ is a nasty nasty gelding and I have to clean him about once a month. I'd check Poppy twice a year but he just never got dirty! And like Tonka, Champ really enjoys getting cleaned. Makes it easier, but kinda ewwwwwww.

allhorsestuff said...

It must be that time of year..and the fact that the warmer weather has brought on heat cycles of late...Wa is all gunked up and I have decided TOMORROW is her spa day for all that too!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have to laugh at the cold hose, poor horse, just the thought makes me cold. LOL

Callie said...

My ole' gelding, I used have was a horn dog too! Yikes! The cold hose kind of does away with the horniness! LOL