Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Health Updates

Flicker: As of this morning she couldn't make a vertical takeoff so I brought her to a wildlife rescue center along with a $30 donation. She wikwikwiked and pecked at the box like mad throughout our drive -- she will be OK if moxie has anything to do with it. They will keep me posted on her progress.

Tonka: Over the past two weeks Tonka's body has made some kind of breakthrough. He is walking loosely and his standing posture is consistently upright, comfortable and relaxed. He is regularly cantering in the pasture, and I saw him take a short, sound-looking trot on the crusher dust yesterday. What's more interesting is that Raven's attitude towards him has changed. At feeding time she used to be content with flattening her ears and swinging her head (yes, she is a marish mare) in his general direction, but now she is more assertive -- as if she senses he is more capable of challenging her. I am cautiously optimistic that we are over the hump.

Penguin (not currently dangerous): Early this morning I climbed into the Red Menace to go pay for our 400 bales of hay. Forty five minutes later I climbed out and I could barely walk. It's one thing to hurt your back while doing hard work, but it's another thing entirely to hurt it while doing nothing at all. I'm hoping that Aunt Flo is to blame and that Robax will get me through the evening chores.

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Brandy said...

Oof! Well, I'm glad you took the flicker in, along with a donation, that's a really good idea! I hope she'll be ok too!

Sad to hear your back hurts, I get that a lot too. I found that my back pain was actually coming from my hip joints! I took a "knobble" or massage tool with sort of balls on the ends, and dig the smallest ones into my hip, all around the joint. I found a lot of micro spasms. When I found a painful spot, I just firmly pressed it, until the pain dissipated, then kind of rolled the ball around to find other small pains and pressed those out too.

The next morning after I worked on those spots, my back pain was GONE! I have to keep working the spots every few weeks when I get sore again, or my back will totally spasm! But it's amazing that this works for me. That and Darvon, LOL!

Hope your feeling better soon!