Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cat Tastrophies

The bowl of cat kibble I left in the garage last week is disappearing slowly. With rat-like speed more than a cat-like speed, I'm afraid. I have not seen our little feral and nor have our neighbors. They are currently siding the shed under which she seemed to be living, and David hopes that she has simply moved to quieter grounds. I am less optimistic.

Hazel has been hopping around the house on three legs, rarely taking weight on the front right. I think it might be a problem with a claw as she keeps scratching at things, but she is not one to allow close examination of her paws without fierce retribution. She is otherwise her usual self doing all of her usual things, and seems better this morning. We may be off to the vet after Christina comes to trim the horses this afternoon.


allhorsestuff said...

Hope your little Hazel is okay.

My little Elsie manx is an indoor(quite voluntarily so)cat.Though; we have a "Cat fence in" outside around the yard for her protection, she is quite happy to just sit on the porch and stare..but if anyone or dog or loud car even comes by...she's outa there..and back inside!

dp said...

Thanks AHS. I'm with you -- inside is the safest place for cats to be. Hazel and Spike are kept strictly indoors (they don't even get an outdoor run!) so whatever happened to her happened inside. She still looks miserable, so we'll be off to the vet tomorrow.

Brandy said...

Maybe Christina can be convinced to check Hazel's 'hooves'? She could have a split nail, or the nail is trying to shed and is feeling yucky... Is she chewing her foot? Can you palpate or massage the rest of her leg without losing skin or appendages?

She could have a sore muscle or dislocation or even a broken bone, cats are amazing at being able to hide their pain! It could pass, but if it's been a few days and she's still gimpy, then yeah, it is vet time.... Grab a towel and try to catch her....

Man, I hope your man is right about the little feral. I hope she'll show up again and you can take care of her basics.

I remember one morning when I had my 3, I awoke to find the front window screen of my apartment was off, and Roscoe was missing. OMG, NOT a great way to start the morning! So I open the door of my apartment, look up into the branches of the VERY tall tree in front of my door, and call him. I hear his terrified response from down the stairs! He was trembling so hard the whole bush he was in was shaking! Poor little baby! LOL! After I dragged him out from under the shrubs, took him back inside and soothed his poor self, I had to wash him off! Really sucky day for both of us, but I still get a giggle when I think of that shaking, mewing bush!

(Of course, I also scolded Willem for pushing the screen off and then taunting Roscoe to go out! Naughty kitties!)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Will be sending good thoughts to Hazel today and thinking about your little feral too. Hard enough to figure out dogs when things aren't as they're supposed to be, but cats really make us work if we want to help them out, don't they?