Sunday, October 12, 2008

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving, but we held our festivities yesterday evening in joint celebration of Roger's upcoming birthday. Mark cooked the turkey (and made some seriously intense passion fruit sorbet), Peter and Cydney made Brussels sprouts, Mike made a delicious salad and some green beans while little Martina wondered why he wasn't taking her to visit the goats. Tom and his daughter Linnaea were unexpectedly present given that they are leaving for two years in New Zealand on Tuesday. Janet baked a pumpkin cheesecake, and I made sweet potato pie while David kept the wine flowing. Those who couldn't make it due to spatial and/or temporal restrictions were sorely missed, but the full house was much appreciated.

We have a lot to be thankful for at Farcical Farm, especially in times. Good jobs, loving families and wonderful friends (who help to build horse shelters). We want for nothing, and I feel privileged beyond words.


Funder said...

Oh, happy Canadian Turkey Day, dp! Yall celebrate it too early, but that's cause of your climate I guess.

T-day is my favorite holiday. Secular and all about friends, family and food.

I hope yours is wonderful tomorrow!

allhorsestuff said...

I am thankful for you!

Black Jack's Carol said...

It was fun to read about your friends and family Thanksgiving. All warm and fuzzy and good! Thanks!

And a couple of other thank you's: 1. I think you were the one who left the tip at Woo's site about neoprene cycling gloves. They are making a HUGE difference to my commuting comfort. 2. Appreciate the link tip. I'll use it soon.

Brandy said...

Hooray! Happy Turkey day to you and yours! Sounds like a wonderful day!

And look at that shelter, it will be ready before the winter snows!

Agreed, so much to be thankful for! Like - we aren't directly in the path of a fire! It's a few miles to the north and being beaten down by air drops!

And I know a couple of pretty horses who are exceptionally thankful to you!