Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Little Goats vs. Big Snow

More snow last night, it has been snowing all day, and they are calling for another storm tonight. I couldn't see a single pile of manure in the paddock today, so I didn't even bother. We have lots of propane and lots of food, so we are assured a pleasant holiday tomorrow as long as we don't lose power (we lost power for about three hours just after I typed that).

The Farcical Farm residents most affected by the snow are Timbit, Morsel and Roland McNugget. They only measure about 16" to the shoulder, so maneuvering through deep accumulation is challenging for them. Thick winter coats and a well-bedded home keep them warm, but I fear that they are very bored. On the other hand, David and I got each other a Wii for Christmas so we won't be bored at all. Happy holidays, everyone!


Funder said...

Poor lil goats! It's so deep that he looks like he's laying down in the snow.

Go get Guitar Hero or Rock Band! If it's just the two of you playing mostly, GH + one extra guitar is way cheaper.

I am stymied. Panscaph? I dunno what that means!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh little goat, oh little goat, how slightly froze your hoooves are~

cherg = cheergoat!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I checked out the goats' home. What a great idea!

Can we expect pictures of your Wii performances?

Hope the power will hang in so that you, David and all the animals can enjoy a warm and happy Christmas day.

Brandy said...

Poor babies! At least their house is high and dry, and full of yummies!

And so is yours, and mine! Happy Christmas to you, DP, and all of your beloved animals (including David!) Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Have fun with your wii! We love ours!

Poor goats! Someday, we hope to have some cute pygmy guys of our own!

Merry Christmas!

dp said...

Don't feel too sorry for the goats, folks. They are lazy little buggers at the best of times, so I don't think they mind too much.

Beautiful day here today, with sun and temperatures above zero. I was able to the take the blankets off the horses for the day, and Tonka had a great time rolling in the snow. Raven still looks good. I think she may have dropped 25 or 30 lbs during that bought of very cold weather, but that's not bad for a horse like her.

We had a quiet and lovely Christmas day, hanging out with our animals and playing Wii. Embarrassing Dance Dance Revolution pictures to follow.