Tuesday, April 8, 2008


For the past two days the horses have been watching Len of Gedak Fencing build (1) an enclosure around our manure pile for better composting, (2) an enclosure in the horse paddock so that we can feed Raven without fear of poaching by Tonka, and (3) a paddock for the three pygmy goats that David and I will pick up in Armstrong next weekend. These little fellows have been on order since the fall, and the oldest will be about 12 weeks when they arrive. They will be wethered (castrated) ASAP so they can start their new lives as hungry little brush cutters (and I can put my personal war with the blackberries on hiatus). To imbue this addition with a little kitsch value David and I decided to buy the hull of a 1978 VW bus for use as a goat shelter. It arrived today, and it's damned cute! You can rest assured that it will be painted to match the house, and will sport a peace sign between its headlight sockets.

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Anonymous said...

I like the blue van and i mighht be able 2 c it this summer!

-hannah (m)