Monday, April 21, 2008


I called David on my way home from work to ask about life at Farcical Farm and any supplies necessary for dinner. He was in the middle of telling me that Tonka seemed less terrified of the goats today when he stopped mid-sentence and said "they are in the neighbor's yard". I assumed that he meant the goats (who have a well-known penchant for escape) but it turned out to be the horses. We're not sure whether the small gait was left unlatched or whether they simply bullied their way through, but they were chowing down on Wayne and Lucy's immaculate lawn. We're not sure how long they were out there (less than two hours, as they were in the paddock when David got home) or how the gate was compromised, but I am suspicious about how little hay they ate today. Perhaps this was not their first foray to the greener grass on the other side? I will ask the neighbors about it tomorrow, but I have bungeed the gate shut for now. Thank goodness that we have a healthy relationship with Wayne and Lucy -- too bad that Tonka doesn't have such a healthy relationship with sweet spring grass. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

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