Friday, April 25, 2008

The Other Woman

A lady named Bernice jogs by our house every day with her poodle Patches. She loves animals of all kinds, but seems particularly fond of Tonka, whom she laughably prefers to call "Thor". Since the arrival of Roland, Timbit and Morsel (we named the goats) Tonka is too afraid of the far end of the paddock to visit with Bernice when she goes by. Even the promise of many Milk-Bone dog cookies cannot convince him -- an impressive indicator of his terror. Yesterday I was mucking the paddock when Bernice came up to the fence, and I was able to coax the big chicken down to see her for the first time since last weekend (which almost made her cry). Raven completely ignores Bernice and her dog treats, preferring to remain aloof while letting her man have his fun.

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