Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cowardice in the Ranks

Avid FFF readers (yes, all three of you) know that Tonka is no war horse in the making. He has a long history of being terrified by such fearsome things as llamas, sheep and mailboxes. I'm embarrassed to announce that we can add baby pygmy goats to the list. Yesterday David and I braved some severe winter driving (yes, it is late April) to retrieve Huey, Dewey and Louie (yes, we are still working on names) from Armstrong. Poor Tonka has been crammed into the far end of the horse paddock ever since we unloaded them into the goat paddock last night. We had to put out a special pile of hay for him, so that he can eat while keeping an eye on them (yes, about 100 feet away) or else he simply will not eat.

He does have a point, I guess:

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dt said...

Reservoir Goats.

Mr. White.
Mr. Grey.
Mr. Butt.

Every goat has his day.