Sunday, April 6, 2008

Which Tack to Take?

Another day of flyball, so not much horse news from Deroche (though the beasts themselves might wish to complain about the rain). On my way home from the tournament I finally made a decision about our two horses/four saddles problem. I love the Wintec 2000 AP I bought for Tonka too much to sell it off, so it will stay. I love the Wintec 100 Sport I bought for Raven too much to sell it off, so it will stay. And I like the comfort and security of the little Wintec stock saddle, so it will stay. The latter fits both horses well, which means that I can use it when the mood strikes, and I can offer it to riding partners when the opportunity knocks. So the heavy Aussie stock saddle will get sold and no more saddles will get bought. I did order a third set of stirrups and saddle pads so that all three saddles will be mounted and ready to go whenever they are wanted.

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