Monday, April 7, 2008

A Mile in Their Shoes

Or lack thereof. Christina Cline came by today to trim Tonka's hooves and to pull Raven's shoes. She took pictures of Tonka's feet to compare to her originals, so it will be interesting to see what progress he's made. His hoof wall is certainly strong, and we are beginning to see better concavity as his heels pull under in the front. All soreness from Tuesday episode has faded, thank goodness. Here he is looking handsome and less hairy (note the ground around him) after his trim and a grooming:

Raven has a thinner hoof wall than Tonka, which is typical for a thoroughbred. It might take some time for her soles to toughen up enough for a completely barefooted life, but we will support her with some hoof boots in the interim. Unlike Tonka she should fit nicely into a pair of Old Mac G2s, so that's what I will get for her. Christina and I both suspect that she will transition easily, given that she is easy going and not prone to drama (though here she is after ripping the hitching ring + cedar siding off our garage).

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