Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Room of Her Own

While Len was here to do the goat paddock we also asked him to fence in one corner of the horse paddock as a Tonka-proof feeding area for Raven. It looks great (Len's fences always do) and it works great as well. Today when I gave Raven a scoop of soaked beet pulp (which puffs up to be about 3 scoops of food) she ate half before losing interest. I'm sure that Tonka got the other half last Tuesday, which contributed to his laminitic episode. Today Raven was forced to stand around until I let her out, and Tonka was too busy munching on hay to lament his missed opportunity. He knows he can't get in there, so he simply doesn't obsess over what she's eating. I am very pleased with this addition, and I'm sure it will come in handy should we ever need to isolate one of the horses (or goats, dogs, guests, etc.).

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