Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food Fight

Busy day for me professionally, so I didn't spend much time with the four-legged inhabitants of Farcical Farm. I can report that all swelling has subsided around the strikes on Tonka's legs, and he seems to be lengthening his stride on the front right again -- maybe Raven realigned him? I can also report that the goats are growing quickly, probably because they are so greedy. In the video we have Morsel on the left, Roland McNugget in the middle and Timbit on the right. Their names are inspired by the attention they have received from local predators. Let's hope the Maremma pup we now have on order will help to prevent them from fulfilling any such destinies.


Amy said...

When I was in France, I lived with a Mountain Pyranean, which I think is similar enough. Vitchen was so gentle with me, yet very quick to defend against intruders or perceived threats. When do you get your pup?

dp said...

Yes, they are similar breeds. And yes, they should be gentle and careful with their human and animal families, but always ready to defend against the unknown. Our pup is currently six weeks old, and we'll bring him home at 10 weeks. I've just bought a well-rated book on raising stock guardians, so I hope it arrives before he does!