Monday, December 29, 2008

Six Degrees of Penguination

Funder wants me to post six "random" things about myself that FFF readers don't already know. She correctly points out that this would require creating a list of ALL the things FFF readers don't know about me and then choosing six at random. Instead I offer these factoids:

1. I dislike most dried fruit, but I cannot eat raisins. Or anything that has been in contact with raisins. Or anything that tastes similar to things that may once have been in contact with raisins. It has ever been thus.

2. I am the tomboy daughter of a girly girl mother. When I was in grade school she forced me to wear a dress at least two times a week, and I slept in a canopy bed until I left for university. I still sleep in a canopy bed when I go home to visit.

3. I had my nose pierced for a couple of years. On my final scuba dive before leaving for an internship in Guyana the stud got blown out when I was clearing my mask. For the past 9 years I have been tempted to get it redone every time I walk past a (reputable-looking) piercing joint.

4. I used to drink at least a liter of milk daily, and I still would if my metabolism could keep up. A cold glass of milk is like heaven for me, and I could happily survive on nothing but cereal (which I often do when David is out of town). I have never had a cavity.

5. I have traveled to many places, and I hope to visit many many more. My father was a commercial pilot and my mother was a stewardess. They met on an airplane, they both loved to travel, and we all share the desire to see as much of the world as possible in the short time allotted.

6. I hate Big Bird. When I was a little kid just seeing him on TV made me ball up inside, and he still pisses me off. Some friends recently told me that Big Bird is meant to represent the slow kid in the class, so now I am forced to hate him under the shadow of elitist guilt.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but I would be delighted to learn six interesting tidbits about any of the authors on my simply syndicated list (look right).


Grey Horse Matters said...

Interesting facts. I've got to agree with you on Big Bird, I'd like to see him fricasseed.

Funder said...

I like raisins. I like nuts, too - pecans, walnuts, almonds, whatever. But I absolutely gag if there are raisins or nuts in my cookies. Cookies should NEVER contain dried fruit or nuts, never ever ever. If I were the dictator of a small country I would decree this.

Fortunately my mother only forced me into a dress about twice a year. I am still extremely uncomfortable in skirts or dresses and I'll do just about anything to avoid wearing them.

I had my tongue and the very top of my left ear pierced when I was younger. Tongue was so-so and I didn't miss it once I took it out. I'm still tempted to put a ring back in my ear, though.

PS Carob chips are the devil's work.

The Border Collies said...

I hate raisins. I think they are disgusting, and right up there with peanuts and mushrooms.

EvenSong said...

Sorry, ladies & gents, but I beg to differ: I love chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, COCONUT in my cookies! (or brownies, or candy bars, or ice cream or ?) (Well,, maybe not in entree's--except maybe lamb curry...) (Now I'm hungry!)

As for Big Bird, I've always sort of liked him. My favorite memory was of the first time I ever saw a color TV (remember, we were doing the back-to-the-land thing, and didn't have TV--heck, didn't have electric!) and found out BB was YELLOW! (and Grover was blue! and Elmo was red!)

"santruce": what the little guy asked the big guy for, at the beach

EvenSong said...

As for skirts:
I "dress up" occasionally for professional reasons, but much prefer jeans and a sweat shirt when I have my druthers (like this week--still on Christmas break).

I'm old enough, however, to remember being REQUIRED to wear skirts/dresses to school as a kid, and they had to touch the floor, if you knelt down on your knees. We were given one or two "Bermuda short days" per year, but no long pants for girls (they shorts had to reach the floor too!). I don't think the boys were even allowed to wear jeans, just slacks.

comple: "you got it?!?"

jme said...

fascinating factoids! i still have my six things to do, but i'm procrastinating.

i don't mind a raisin in it's proper place. what i hate is a 'stealth raisin' - the kind that sneaks up on you in completely incompatible food items. i expect to encounter a raisin or two in an oatmeal _raisin_ cookie. i do NOT expect them in ice cream, bread pudding, stuffing or carrot cake. white stealth raisins are the worst!

i never wear dresses much either. the last time i wore a skirt out was to a luau, and on the way home i traumatized a neighbor when i attempted to herd a calf back into his pasture while wearing a sarong. never again.

i had my nose pierced briefly in college until it got painfully yanked out while i was donning a sweater. i took it as a sign. also took out all but 2 of my 10 earrings...

i chug the milk too, and i'd be perfectly content subsisting entirely on dairy products - though as of the 1st i'm off it due to carb restrictions. not sure how i'm going to survive. (great photo btw :-)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm a milk and cereal addict too, and I hate Big Bird because there was a really tall girl with yellow hair who used to pick on me all the time in the sixth grade, and her nickname was Big Bird.

Anonymous said...

I like raisins in some things, nuts in hardly anything.

I have always been a tomboy, but in part because I was mainly raised by my father and brothers. Lack of female influence there. However, at 32, I discovered a love of shoes so there's hope for me yet. And to elaborate on this, at age 30, a good guy friend saw me reading Glamour and said that was the girliest thing he'd ever seen me do. A couple days later, a female friend commented on how I knew so much guy stuff in a negative way.

I only have my ears pierced. I've found that my body doesn't like metal objects in it. I used to have them double pierced. Two different times in fact, but I kept getting infections. So, I gave up and let them close. Haven't tried any other piercings since.

I can't stand to drink milk.

I have not travelled enough. I haven't been off the west coast unless you count a trip to Buffalo, NY when I was 2. But, I have been as far north as Talkeetna, AK and as far south as Tijuana, Mexico.

I have always loved Oscar the Grouch and Snuffaluffagus as well as Barkley. I do not like Elmo. He's really not that cute.

allhorsestuff said...

Thanks for leaving me a msg on Pantz~
Those were great factoids!
I share the milk and cereal fact....cereal is all I ate yesterday...comforting!

Black Jack's Carol said...

What's is the difference between a fact and a factoid? ( could google but have come, for certain things, to rely on your expertise more:)

Thanks for a most interesting blog entry. It started the wheels rolling for sure. I picture you now, on visits home, slipping down memory lane in your canopy bed. I have a raisin story, and a milk comment and a cavity comment to share. Dresses are impractical for active people - simple as that. Big Bird was before my time. And then there are the mother daughter relationships. As I said, you sure started the old brain on a thought journey:) I'll post more in a response entry.

dp said...

Merriam Webster has two definitions for factoid:

1. An invented fact believed to be true because of its appearance in print

2. A briefly stated and usually trivial fact.

My personal definition is in line with the latter. A fact that is trivial in the grand scheme of things. Though raisins in cookies is never a trivial affair.

Jean said... can anyone NOT love cookies absolutely crammed with raisons and nuts???? It's the got-nothing-in-them cookies that I can't stand! And cinnamon buns without a TON of raisons rolled into them are just not worth the time of day!
I don't own a dress and even wore pants to my daughter's wedding; I have pierced ears but haven't worn earrings for the past six months; and although we didn't have TV when I was a kid more than half a century ago, I am kinda partial to Big Bird, but Elmo is my favourite....or maybe the Grouch....or Ms Piggy....oh heck, I love all the muppet/Sesame St characters!
A fun entry, dp. Thanks for the read.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I totally agree with you about raisins! Why would I eat the dried up wrinkly version of something that is just fine when fresh?! GROSS!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! On poor yellow Big Bird.I've never much cared for him either. His voice is too abrasive and annoying.

My stepmom lived vicariously through me for her little girl fantasies. I also had a canopy bed (hated it). And although I dreamt of having my own Breyer horse collection, my stepmom thought was too boyish and instead, told everyone that I collected foofy Madame Alexander dolls. (hated them!) I didn't even like dolls.

Mmm! I love ice cold milk, too. Yum! I could drink it all day, too.

Fuuny story about eggnog (another favorite). One year I drank so much eggnog that my poop turned white! gah!

New Mexico

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh. Something else.
My hubby and I met 20 years ago, while working for the airlines.

I quit the airlines when I became prego with my twins 12 years ago, and my hubby retired from the airlines about 4 years ago.

We've traveled a lot, too. And now have free lifetime flying benefits.
But with all the security hassles, airline cutbacks and just general chaos...the joy of flying is lost for us.
We do most of our traveling by car now.

New Mexico