Thursday, December 4, 2008

La Cuenta

Before tomorrow's x-rays Raven's vet bill comes to $1300 and change. (Only our cat Spike holds the dubious distinction of incurring an even larger bill against a more mysterious affliction.) I'm not telling you this to garner your sympathy, merely to satisfy any curiosity you may have about largish equine expenses. A couple of months of juggled finances will see this paid off, for which I consider myself truly lucky. In honour of yesterday's news I finished the last manure bin with recycled nails instead of going out to buy new ones.*

*Actually, I am just lazy.


Black Jack's Carol said...

For some reason, vet bills often shock me, but Raven's to this point seems within the realm of what I might have predicted. Always good to recycle, though:) I'm still holding onto the best scenario thought that the come and go nature of her discomfort is because the original injury has not had time to heal completely, so episodes like her little bronco incident aggravate it.

Anonymous said...

Lazy? You need a PR really meant efficient and environmentally friendly!

If you work it out to dollars/pound for the vet bills, Raven is still probably cheaper than most of the dogs you've ever had ;) Good to hear that she's on the mend.