Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good News and Better News

Good news: David and I are off to Hawaii tomorrow for a week. We'll spend four days in Honolulu with some friends and three days in Hilo to do some volcano watching. It will be more expensive than we originally expected (the Canadian dollar was at par with the US dollar when we booked the tickets) but it won't be any less fun.

Better news: Kerstin can't see any smoking guns on Raven's x-rays. After walking and trotting her up and down the driveway Kerstin feels that Raven's moderate suspensory desmitis (a post for another day) is responsible for her unexpectedly slow recovery. Because Raven has always been sound on the hind fetlocks/pasterns I never worry much about those dropped tendons, but it makes sense that they would be bothering her now. Melissa will give her a gram of bute each day while we're gone, and we'll see where things stand in a week.


Funder said...

Yay for Raven!

Have fun in Hawaii - I went when I was 8, and I can still remember quite a lot of it.

dp said...

Funny, Funder...I was there with my parents when I was 8 too and I remember it vividly. We stayed at a friend of my parents' place and looked after their Dachshund named Endive. I was in heaven, having always wanted a dog. That was definitely the highlight of my trip.

allhorsestuff said...

Have a FAB time away in the WARM/SUNNY!! now you don't have to ponder your lovley Raven!
Great news...have fun!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Great news! Have fun on the trip. Would love to see some of your photos when you get back.

Brandy said...

Oh, have fun! I also lived in Hawaii, but during Jr High age.
You might take a ride at a dude ranch on the big island, or even at King's Ranch!

I know they're exciting, but please try not to get burned up in the lava beds! Such fun! Can't wait to see your pix!

And I'm glad Raven looks ok, I bet after a week of rest and bute she'll be doing alright!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip! Can't wait until CP and I get to go in a couple years!

The Border Collies said...

Go snorkeling ... and shark diving! I did both whilst in Hawaii a couple years ago. I liked Hawaii a lot more than I thought I would. Have a great time!