Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Share and Share Alike

This morning I sensed an odd shadow lurking around Raven's feed dish. While moving closer to investigate I hoped to find our feral cat safe and sound, but it turned out to be a sleek gray rat with a fat pink tail. By the time I arrived it was right in the feed dish, eating nose-to-nose with Miss Thing. Neither seemed concerned with the presence of the other, so they are obviously not familiar with the Chinese zodiac.


Brandy said...

Hahaha, that last sentence says it all - "neither will be willing to back down to the other"!

Both silly faces in the food, neither willing to leave the other to the spoils!

Pretty courageous rat, letting you see it in all it's slinking glory! Are you going to catch it or? I know it can be a never ending task, but if it's so bold, I'd be skittish, if not frightened!

EvenSong said...

Whoops! Maybe time to use fence mounted buckets, tho, with having tasted the goodies, Mr. Rat may connive to snitch even there (think squirrels and bird feeders).

I can't imagine that its a healthy relationship for Raven, particularly if the opposite end of his digestive system functions near his food dish, (as my horses' always seem to), and it certainly could get expensive feeding the newcomer.

Was Raven tolerant of this thief?!?

[speaking of word verification, and it seems like someone was--I LOVE the word I just got: "snoidous." Tho I'd like to add another "i" after the "d," it seems like a GREAT adjective! Maybe something for FHoTD to use. ;-D]

dp said...

I'm not even sure that Raven noticed th rat. She certainly wasn't worried about it, and neither am I as long as he doesn't bring too many buddies. Anyone seen Ratatouille?