Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Morning After

Raven is sore today and the joint is hot to the touch, but not swollen. Yesterday was too much too soon, I think -- I blame the bucking bronco routine rather than the trotting. Raven is not American, but I'll give her the holiday weekend to recuperate and we'll restart more gently on Monday. Happy thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating!


dt said...

I remember that party.

That was a good party.

Brandy said...

I do not remember that party. I don't remember if that was me there on the table, either....

Happy T day!

Maybe just walk Raven a bit, if she's reluctant to really move? That might help to work the kinks out, and then Monday she'll feel pretty good! Or do some horsie stretching or massage? As if she'd volunteer to stretch a sore leg, hahaha!

How do you feel after all that trotting? LOL!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh darn it all...glad I wore that wig to the party!
Sorry to hear of Ravens morning after too. Arnica may help some- with ice.
Hope tomorrow is a different story!

dp said...

She's already feeling better today, so that's a good sign. She does a pretty good job of stretching the leg herself -- she will hold it out behind her for several seconds as if she is in a yoga pose. Is there one called Troublesome Horse?

The were out on the pasture for a while this morning and she came cantering in. Not a bolting gallop -- a nice, sedate canter.