Monday, November 17, 2008

Raven Update III

When the alarm went off at 06:30 Raven and Tonka were munching at one of the feeders -- she has been down in the soft dirt at the top of the paddock every other morning. She lifted her head in greeting when I stepped outside, and I could see that she was feeling perky and troublesome -- her usual self.

There was no swelling under the bandage and the joint is cool to the touch. The best possible outcome imaginable. Kerstin wrapped it again to keep it clean, and we will stay with 2g of bute and 20cc of Excenel each morning for the next four days. Any backslide at this stage will be a bad sign, but Kerstin was visibly pleased with how well things have turned out. I was trembling with relief -- so much that I needed to sit down for an hour before I could trust myself to inject the Excenel safely.

Raven took herself for a trot around the paddock after the vet left, tossing her head and kicking up her heels. Then she hung her head hopefully over the gate to the pasture, but she's going to have to wait another few days before that happens.


Daun said...


I am so relieved!

Keep healing, Raven!

Funder said...


Way to go, Raven! And way to help her heal, DP!

Danse Macabre said...

YAY for Raven!!!!!

What a relief! :)

I certainly know that feeling of such huge relief after being so close to the edge. My cat, who is my baby, yawned one Valentine's Day and I saw a big white patch on the inside back of her throat. Her vet said it looked like squamous cell carcinoma. He said he'd never seen anything like that before that didn't turn out to be cancer despite her being 4 or 5 at the time. I'll never forget getting that news. I remember EVERYTHING. I went numb and couldn't stop crying. They were all so comforting at the vet and didn't charge me for the visit. The vet recommended taking her several hours to the other end of the state to a specialty cancer center. My mom loves my cat so much that despite not living with her anymore, she took my Saydie and I down to that center and spent over $1,000 to have it biopsied. Turned out it was an autoimmune disorder! Couple months on steroids and she's been in perfect health since! It's been at least 5 years now, but I'll never forget that day. I consider every day I have with her now to be a gift. I can't imagine living without her. She's going to be 10 on March 23rd and it scares me to death. I try to remember that she still has many years left, but they just don't seem like enough. My male cat, Dexter (her boyfriend) and I will be lost without Saydie.

It's like getting a second chance and it truly makes me appreciate each day I spend with her. In a way, I'm kind of grateful for that slap in the face that made me realize how precious the time I have with my pets is and how fast it can be taken away.

Brandy said...

Hooray! Great job on getting your girl well!

Modern antibiotics are AMAZING things! When hubby and I got married, he of course became EXTREMELY ill (he spent the first 2 days of his first marriage in the hospital!). He spent nearly the entire night before our wedding in the bathroom, coughing his lungs out! We were in Vegas, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to call a doctor BEFORE the wedding. (I know, it's mean, but I wanted this thing DONE!)

Well, after the ceremony and all, we went up to the room and called a doctor. He gave hubby some magic pills, and hubby was fine after about 6 hours of sleep! If I'd have known he would recover that fast, we would have called the doctor waaay sooner!

Now we joke that he can't ever get married again, he may DIE! LOL!

dp said...

Yes, I get the feeling that Excenel is well worth the $100/bottle (we're on our fifth bottle now -- eek!).

How are things in fiery LA, Brandy? Sounds like the winds are dying down a little, at least. Did you get evacuated?

allhorsestuff said...

Oh that is very good news here today!
Great DP and Raven and the drugs + vetting! She is a good patient, healing well and all!
glad to hear!

EvenSong said...

Great news! Way to go, Raven!

My filly (avatar) got into the fence in July (long stroy, but the fence is being replaced, thank you) and did a job on BOTH back legs! Big triangle flap off the front of one cannon bone, but I was way more worried about the shallow, but right down to the bone/joint, cut right across the front of the other hock. Treated it and watched closely for infection--everything seemed to heal well. Then last month I noticed some fluid on the fron of that same hock. At this point she's perfectly sound, and the fluid seems to be slowly disipating, but I was sure worried!

Continue your speedy and complete recovery (Raven OR dp, whichever is appropriate ;-D).

Black Jack's Carol said...

Great news indeed!