Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mud, Sweat and Tears

That's tears as in rips. The rain sheet I bought Tonka last winter got resurrected today, despite its half-shredded condition (little did I know how much I would grow to love ripstop material). The horse has very little respect for the clothes that I buy him (teenagers these days), and I caught him rolling around on the crusher dust in his new 1200D shell. When I went to assess its condition I found that the lining was clammy and that he was damp underneath, more from his own unevaporated sweat than from leakage I think. My theory is that he got too hot, started to sweat, got uncomfortable and started to roll. Even though the sheet is uninsulated it has a light nylon lining under a heavy nylon cover that may must be too much over his puffy coat.

After letting him air out for an hour I put (what's left of) the old 840D sheet on and he seemed happier. This afternoon we picked up a 600D ripstop sheet with a very thin nylon lining for $80. I'm not sure how durable it will be, but the price was right and now I can switch off between them throughout the winter. If the Canadian dollar makes a gain over the coming weeks I will get this for Tonka and this for Raven. So far I have been VERY impressed with the durability of the Schneider's turnouts.


Brandy said...

Oooh, all those color choices for Tonka's! I bet he would look awesome in the Purple with black, like a king!

And the one for Raven is neat, covering more of the neck, but giving plenty of room to walk and run.

Ripstop is the greatest! I spent the bucks well over 20 years ago to get a nice Kelty tent with ripstop nylon, and it lasted until just this last summer! And to be fair, it was the seam stitching that failed more than the fabric itself! Sigh, now I need to find a nice new tent with similar dimensions.... Maybe a smidge larger, as long as the center height is 64" without the tent being ginormous!

The horse in that photo looks like he knows he was naughty, and he'll probably tear up his next blankie too! LOL!

allhorsestuff said...

I love the higher necked blankets..seems to keep the drag off the shoulders.NIce choices.
How is that Raven doing?