Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeder 2.5

Given that my time and disposable income have for the next little while, the new feeders are on the back burner. In the meantime I was inspired by the Swedish Hoof School to replace the hose-sheathed rebar in my feeders with two panels from the dogs' 48" exercise pen. It works so well that I cut some bars out of another panel to make a new facing for the goat feeder (and I bought a new ex-pen).

I am watching Raven out our bedroom window as I type. She has been off her feed a little over the past 24 hours, but I guess that's not surprising in a high-strung thoroughbred pumped up on bute and antibiotics -- we are lucky that she is eating at all. Watching her after she gets up from being down is heart wrenching, but once she gets going she is moving quite well. No more bute until tomorrow morning so that Kerstin can honestly assess her degree of lameness when she arrives. It is beautiful outside and I was able to exchange her rain sheet for her fly sheet (why are there still flies in the middle of November?) at least. I am so glad that we are not getting last week's heavy rain through this difficult time.


Anonymous said...

OH..hope Raven will be better for the Vet! Sorry it is so touch and go.
I am mad at the flys mare was a stomppin so hard today...thought she may get me while I put her leg wraps on!

stupid blogger has decided to not recognise my passowrd...blast it!

JoAnn Johnson said...

Nice feeder! Do your horses ever paw at it? How is the grid holding up?

dp said...

Thanks JoAnn! (everyone check out her slow feeder wiki).

The horses never paw at it and the grid is holding up just fine. It is quite flexible, so it bends instead of breaking if the horses give a good tug.

AareneX said...

I'd love to see more pictures of this and other slow feeders (blogger wouldn't show me Joann's stuff--is there a link somewhere?)

Thanks for sharing!

p.s. security word today is "spoidush"....not sure what that means, exactly....