Sunday, November 2, 2008

Apple Sauce

Roger* showed up on Friday with ~50 lbs of apples. Yesterday he systematically produced 10 liters of applesauce (yum!) and a pile of discarded apple pieces. Of course we can't feed these to Tonka and Raven all at once, but we stashed them in a freezer to be doled out as pony popsicles over the coming week. Perhaps I will do the same thing with our own apples next year.

The weather has normalized over the past three days, so we are getting the wind and rain that's typical of fall on the coast. Still, Roger was kind enough to help David and I get the horse shelter finished yesterday despite the rain and the entirely unhelpful antics of the goats. Raven is definitely appreciative of all this effort on her behalf, but Tonka still prefers to stand out in the weather. At least I know that he has the choice now, and I feel like I have held up my end of the bargain.

*Since returning to Vancouver from LA Roger has been living in his father's basement. He will take possession of his condo next month, but in the meantime short getaways to Farcical Farm have helped him to maintain his sanity. He lived in our Vancouver basement suite for years, so having him around feels just like old times.


allhorsestuff said...

That looks so good..I want some!

Yea..Weather is slurries of rain and wind HAS HIT THE NORTHWEST!
I still went for a trail ride today though! Sloggy as it was.

My mares stand all the time in the run in stalls...but frequently BOLT out... I was in front and outside once when Pantz narrowly missed running me down. I heard today that Shanna (the owner) almost got trammpled when they decicded to bolt. Ooou!
I think staying to one side os best now..never in front!

Glad Roger is around for you all!

Brandy said...

Wow, that looks scrumptious!!

Yeah, we had rain on Halloween, like I expected. Not too terrible during the Trick or Treat hours, but we were awakened about 4 am by the LOUDEST blustery-gustery storm!! Loud wind, tons of rain, a tiny bit of lightning and hail, it was very nice! (Mostly because I wasn't afraid of a 60 foot pine tree falling on the house!) It rained all weekend, on and off, I really enjoyed it! Turned on the heater, but I may have to turn it off in a week or so, it isn't THAT cold, LOL!

Nice that Roger is hanging with y'all, that can be very pleasant! Especially when he helps with building AND makes food! Yay, Roger!!

Funder said...

I have never understood the horse-logic that tells them when to come in out of the weather or stand outside and look happy. I think giving them the choice is the best option though.

Black Jack's Carol said...

That apple sauce does look good!

I checked out one of the links on this post. It took me to the interesting brain drain post, as well as to your thoughts about programs for gifted kids. Like many things in life, the education pendulum tends to swing all the way to the right or left, with rarely a stop in the middle. We go from streaming and isolating, to throwing everyone into the pile and expecting them to work out the differences on their own. Maybe no easy answers, but I like the idea of having some separate time and some integrated time to accommodate different learning styles and rates. Painful to watch a brilliant mind succumb to boredom and frustration. Equally sad from the other end of the spectrum when kids crawl into a cocoon and think of themselves as having nothing to offer.