Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Hip Bone's Connected to the Hurt Bone

Christina Cline came by last night to trim both horses and she likes what she sees. The laminitic rings in Tonka's hooves are about 50% grown out and both white lines are nice and tight. Now the the weather has dried out Raven's little feet are really starting to toughen up, and the frogs on her pancaked hind soles are becoming more defined by the day.

Christina did confirm my observation that Tonka's current discomfort stems from his stifle or hip. She notes that he hikes the right hip higher than the left when he walks, and that his back muscles are sensitive on the left hand side. Several people have suggested that I have him evaluated by an equine chiropractor, and I am getting closer to biting that bullet. As a highly skeptical scientist I am leery of human chiropractors based on several published findings, but as a worried horse owner I want to do whatever I can to make Tonka more comfortable. Is it ironic that science will pay the bill?


dt said...

I think what you meant to say is "buy the bullet". :-)

dp said...

Although I did have a dream last night in which our vet recommended putting Tonka to sleep "for his own good" I won't be buying any bullets any time soon!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "buying the bullet" (what a funny mistake!), I misread the post on Ty's neuter the other day and I thought you had Tonka dropped off at the vet to be euthanized! Major hyperventilation, until I re-read the post.

Also, did you know that in China when someone was executed their family used to be charged for the cost of the bullet? Abstractly, I find this such an insult. I try not to think about it deeper than that.

Eheh, didn't mean to be so morbid.

Beckz said...

Well the saying is bite the bullet, from battlefield medicine I think. Equine chiropractors have really helped my horses.

dp said...

I should clarify that I think a chiropractor can really help Tonka -- I've heard some incredible stories.