Saturday, July 12, 2008

Away From Here

David and I both love to travel, and we usually spend five or six weeks away from home each year. It is cheaper and easier to pay a live-in petsitter than it is to board everyone in our absence, and such folks were relatively easy to find before we brought the horses home. In August we are headed to Ontario for a couple of weeks for David's triennial family reunion, and today we met with a lady named Melissa who always looks after our neighbor Wendy's place when they travel. She has lots of experience, she comes highly recommended and she can always call Wendy for help if things get hairy. It makes for a much more relaxing vacation when I know that everything is in capable hands back home.


dt said...

Important to note that a) Sarah isn't in this picture, and b) everyone pictured is 4 years older now. This year we'll make sure to get a *full* group shot.

dp said...

In fact I'm the only one not in this picture. Perhaps I took it?