Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paint the Town Red

And the goats.

David and I looked at dozens of properties over the course of the year preceding our purchase of Farcical Farm. The balanced combination of (1) nice property, (2) decent house and (3) reasonable price simply eluded us. Farcical farm had (1) and (3), with obvious potential in the (2) department. It also had a detached garage measuring 25 X 50 feet on a full concrete foundation. This is where we store our hay (up to 200 bales), our workshop, Henry and our ancient Miata (amongst many other things). The north end of the garage forms the south side of our goat paddock (shown above), and you can probably guess the rest. John painted the whole thing dark red today, and our gray goats decided to become redheads (Roland McNugget obviously thought that it would clash with his underlying orange tones and Titan elected to remain pure as the driven snow).

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