Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red Light, Green Light

Today I took Raven out for the first time since the rearing incident. We both needed a positive experience this time around, so we never broke a walk and we practiced lots of whoas. She was uptight for the first 20 minutes, but she relaxed after we got over the railroad tracks. When Raven's enjoying herself she has the very endearing habit of swinging her nose from side to side as she walks (with her neck and poll straight), much like a bobble-head doll. She walked along nicely without trying to race and she held lots of long whoas, one of which allowed me to have a 5-minute chat with a neighbor.

Rick, his wife Susan and their two mares (pictured above) live down the hill from us in a lovely home they are converting to a B&B. They and their friends often ride by our place to access a trail off the old dairy farm at the end of our road. I mentioned that I have no clue where the good trails are around here, and Rick seemed appalled by my ignorance. He said they will get my number next time they ride by so they can arrange to show us around. Oh happy day!

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