Monday, July 21, 2008

The Danger Zone

Contractors have descended upon David in my absence. Martin and his crew swept into the Blue Beast early this morning to shove us into Phase II of Reno Hell. Floors were ripped up, ceilings were torn down and walls were obliterated. At the same time John was outside, turning the Blue Beast into the Ruddy Beast.

While David was answering questions and giving opinions, Titan was digging his way under the fence to visit with the neighbors. And while David was reprimanding Titan the horses were busy escaping through the gate he accidentally left open. All this comes to me via email and curtailed phone conversations, and the whole scene seems very far removed from the delightful latte I enjoyed on a Toronto patio this afternoon.


dt said...

Oh sure -- twist the knife.

I've decided the simplest solution is just to bring the whole menagerie inside. Goats and Titan in the laundry room, Raven and Tonka bonking their heads on the exposed joists downstairs. With the doors locked I *know* where everyone is. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I really like those colors for the house. It sounds like all sorts of fun that you're missing out on. What a good husband for letting you trot off like that. Although, it's possible he just left the gate open...

p.s. I had a dream about you and your husband last night: for some reason you were regulars in our circle of friends and I woke up going "Who the hell WERE those people? And why aren't we really friends with them?" Took me until noon to remember who they were.

When do you get back?

dp said...

I prefer "boy toy" (David and I aren't technically married) but I catch your drift -- he is very supportive of me while I am home being supportive of my family. It is greatly appreciated. I'm headed home in a week, and then we're headed back out together for a couple of weeks. I always love it when September rolls around and we settle into our school-year routine.

We'll look you up whenever we make it to Alaska. Or Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the assumption. Boy Toy. I like it.

We might be taking a trip to Canada before we leave Alaska, so we might be the ones doing the looking.

dp said...

No worries! As dt would say, "a mortgage is a bigger commitment than a marriage". You are welcome at Farcical Farm any time!