Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Not long after I met David we spent several days traveling around Vancouver looking for a car to replace his old Subaru wagon. He settled on a 1990 periwinkle blue Honda Civic hatchback, which became known as The Blue Meanie. By the time that car became too unreliable for commuting we had three permanent dogs and (usually) a temporary foster, such that dog hair/smell was an inescapable part of the driving experience. In September of 2004 we decided to splurge on a small pickup truck so that the dogs (and their hair/smell) could be confined to the back, safely protected by a cap.

That cap has not been removed since the day we had it installed. The Red Menace has done hard service, but all of its loads have been persuaded under the cap -- until today. Titan (or Ty most of the time) arrived this morning, and the XL Dogloo Indigo we bought for him is so EXTRA large that it required us to decapitate the truck to get it home. The...er...little (?) guy seems to be settling in just fine. He's learned that needless barking makes me angry, and he is already keeping a sharp eye out for suspicious happenings. Photos to follow.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for pictures! What do the other dogs think?

dp said...

He met Tilley and Willow briefly this afternoon. Once he established that they were not a threat to the goats he was totally disinterested in them. Once they established that they could whoop his puppy ass they were totally disinterested in him. Watson is away with David right now, which is a good thing. I want Ty to bond with the goats before he starts getting attached to the other dogs, and Watson is likely the one to which he will become most attached.