Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Room With a View

Farcical Farm measures 2.92 acres. The back two are in pasture, and the Blue Beast sits on the acre closest to the road with the horse paddock along side and the goat paddock out front. Our bedroom is the only room from which it's possible to see both paddocks, and I have spent a lot of time in here over the past couple of days to keep an eye on Titan and his interactions with the stock. At this point I'm sure he's convinced that Alpha is always watching over him.

We got some rain today for the first time in a couple of weeks. Nice for the horses to have a cool day, but hard on Raven as the mosquitoes simply never retreated. Tonka enjoyed his many rolls in the mud.


Moonbrained Mare said...

Aaah! I LOVE that photo of Raven - brilliant!!

dp said...

Thanks! Just a lucky capture. David will use this as evidence to support his theory that she is part llama.