Monday, June 9, 2008

The Neverending Story

It's been a quiet few days around here except for the rain on the roof. Both horses looked tender after their trim on Friday, and the weather has not inspired me to do much training. Obviously I need get building that 70 X 140 indoor arena, but my ambitions were more humble this weekend.

David and I bought Farcical Farm in January 2007, and we officially moved in April. The house, known fondly as "The Blue Beast" was in a sad state due to years of severe neglect (see above). In August 2007 we enthusiastically entered Reno Hell, and by December we were stuck in Reno Limbo -- that familiar state where everything is functional but nothing is finished. Phase II (of two) starts sometime next month, and the threat of a visit from our contractor inspired us to finish some lingering Phase I projects indoors while it poured with rain outdoors. We now have two nice coat racks in the mud room (made from leftover oak countertop) and a shelf around the half wall in the kitchen (see below). At this rate we will enter Reno Heaven sometime in 2019.


hope4more said...

I just read through your whole blog the last couple of days. I found it off the FHOTD. I love reading your story.

How are the little goats? Haven't heard about them in awhile.

I have no help for the hungry boots. That would be very annoying.

Tonka and Raven are so darling. I look forward to reading more.

dp said...

You read the whole thing and stayed awake to tell the tale?!? Thanks for sticking around!

The goats are doing well. They are very greedy and, like the rest of us, sick of the rain. I will put up a recent picture of them sometime next week.

russellp said...

Functional but not finished? I've still got plenty of half-unpacked boxes lying around my apartment after moving 3 months ago...

Anonymous said...

Reno Limbo....I've been stuck there for years :-(