Friday, June 6, 2008

Tighty Whiteys

White lines, that is. Christina Cline was here today to trim both monsters, and she reports that the white line (where hoof meets sole) on Tonka's front left is now as tight as she would expect to see on a healthy horse. The front right is still a bit stretched -- unsurprising, as rotation of that coffin bone was more severe. Overall we are making excellent progress.

Christina also reports that all the flares on Raven's hooves are growing out nicely, and we can expect to see more concavity in the coming months. I did mention Dr. Stouffer's concern about Raven's soft soles, but we agreed to stick with the status quo as she doesn't seem to be in great pain. Let's hope they get tougher when (if) the weather gets drier.

Christina states that she is quite accustomed to having her bum photographed, but I also got this nice one of her legs as she gave (the very appreciate) Tonka a belly scratch.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tonka, what a handsome boy you are, all clean and shiney. Tonka, you have to read the horse book, let me enlighten you. When bathed and groomed to look absolutey stunning it is your duty to roll and get unbelievably mucky as soon as possible.

dp said...

Never fear! Tonka has read the horse book, and often goes by the name of his alter ego "Mud Boy".

Indra said...

Just wondering how the horses are doing? are we going to get any updates soon?

dp said...

Hi Indra, and thanks for you comment. I post almost every day, so maybe your browser is stuck on this post? That happened to another reader as well, but I'm not sure how she got out of it. Anyhow, here's a link to the most recent post if that helps. It's not about the horses, but the archive should appear on the side bar.