Thursday, August 28, 2008

Relentless Rain

Climate change is something I think about a lot. As an environmental engineer turned environmental epidemiologist the problem has been on my professional radar for nearly fifteen years, and now it seems to be on my front door as well. All scenarios published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predict that the west coast of British Columbia will get wetter and wetter over the coming decades, and I fear this year has been a harbinger of what we should expect. Some of you might recall me harping on about our rainy June (and I'd be willing to send you an award for sticking around so long), and now I'm going to harp on about our rainy August. Deroche has had nearly 200 mm of rain this month, which is unseasonal at best and downright alarming at worst. Everything is usually dried out by the time September rolls around so that UBC students can impress each other by laying on the scratchy grass in skimpy clothing. Not this year! Maybe not next year! I should mention that the shelter fiasco is ongoing, but it is going to ship tomorrow (boldface text always comes true, doesn't it?). The horses just flicked water off their ears at me when I tried to explain.

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dt said...

You're lucky they don't bite your skin off and use it as a make-shift umbrella.

(Yeah, there's been a lot of rain around here.)