Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Greetings from Onterrible

I grew up on the north side of Toronto, not far from where a propane facility exploded earlier this week. David grew up between his family's home in Ottawa and their 120-acre hobby farm on the Quebec side of the Gatineau Valley. Both of us fell in love with the people, politics and natural splendor of British Columbia while attending UBC and we secretly hope that our families will migrate west someday. Until then we will visit them in Ontario (which I have lovingly referred to as "Onterrible" since my Ontario-born friend Anne introduced me to the word) as often as possible. In ten minutes we'll pick up our rental car and head out to the aforementioned farm for David's family reunion (Catherine and Amadeau who live in Barcelona are picture below) where we'll have to get our critter-fix from his parents' geriatric dog Gwynfy.

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hope4more said...

Happy travels! Glad to hear the Twister will show up soon and that they got back to you finally.