Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hayburning Habits

We keep our two feeders constantly stocked with low-carbohydrate hay so that Tonka and Raven can choose how much they want to eat. I believe this is the healthiest way to maintain domesticated horses, but it's also scientifically interesting. On average they consume one 60 pound bale daily with about 5% waste. Over the past three days they have munched through five bales and it seems like the feeders are empty every time I look. My mostly-uneducated guess is that they are preparing to grow their winter coats. The daylight hours are shortening rapidly now and the nights are getting cold. I expect to see some fuzzies soon!

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Funder said...

I like that hay feeder!

I guess the horses cue their winter coat growth off of daylight times. I've read that that's how most animals / plants know when to do stuff. Makes sense.

I love reading blogs by "northerners." Gives me hope that one day fall will come to us, too.

Poppy will probably start growing his winter wooly mammoth pelt soon. I joke that it's his Canadian heritage - he grows a winter coat first and sheds it last.