Saturday, August 9, 2008

Twist and Shout

In late May we ordered a 24 X 10 horse shelter from the Twister pipe company through Barns2Go. We were told that it would delivered within the month, but we are still waiting. The people at Barns2Go have stopped answering my emails and phone calls and the people at Twister seem entirely unconcerned by our predicament. It takes a lot to piss me off, and this transaction has left a sour taste in my mouth -- no one has apologized to us for the delay. Under normal circumstances I would demand my money back, but I really want the shelter because it's perfect for us in terms of size, construction, portability and price. Am I crazy for being so tolerant of this nonsense?


Funder said...

I'd be infuriated at being ignored too.

Have you seen one of that particular shelter in person? Is it *really* the best quality and bargain? If it's really perfect, then I suppose you should wait for it... but if you're just hoping it's perfect? Cancel it and pay a little more to a company that will communicate with you. Not responding to you at all is completely unacceptable, IMO.

MichiganBarb said...

Hopefully you paid via credit card and can contact the card issuer and tell them to stop payment and explain what has happened. Then take your business elsewhere. Lots of businesses are closing/failing, so be careful. Regretfully, I can't point you to a good source as folks here build their own shelters if they need them. Perhaps you could ask a local handyman about constructing one. A good guy would have had it done in a week's time.

dp said...

We'll see how tomorrow goes. We have had a couple of quotes from local contractors, but both considerably more expensive than this shelter. The problem with living in a rain forest is that everything rots unless high quality materials are used. That's why I like the idea of an all-steel structure as it would last and last. I have a sample of the steel used, and it is good stuff.