Sunday, August 3, 2008

It Takes Two to Tonka

When I ride Raven out alone she hardly notices the antics of the inconsolable Tonka. She might call to him once or twice on our way down the road, but she moves forward without a fuss. Horses that are severely barn/buddy sour scare the bejeezus out of me because they do crazy things without consideration for themselves or their riders. I bought Raven (whose now-ample rump is featured below) specifically because she is so relaxed and confident riding out alone, and I was prepared to manage her in trade for this important personality trait.

Raven, however, does not want to get left behind. She has us all convinced that taking Tonka out alone is good cause for histrionic suicide. The moment he leaves her 100ft comfort zone she becomes a screaming drama banshee (i.e. a typical thoroughbred), which makes it challenging for me to do anything with Tonka unless she's nearby.

Today we saddled both horses and David had a little lesson on Tonka while I kept Raven from being a total pest (and forgot to take pictures). Tonka was always intended to be David's horse, and I hope that I can teach David the basics of horsemanship without ruining him, Tonka or our relationship. Man and beast did well this afternoon, but I can see that David needs some lunging lessons to focus on his seat while ignoring his hands. These will have to happen on Raven because Tonka is still too sore to be moving in tight circles. Keep your fingers crossed for all of us!

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dt said...

Any excuse to focus on my seat....