Monday, May 4, 2009

King of the Hole

Maybe I haven't mentioned this before, but Titan is a bona fide, card-carrying, capital dee Digger. He knows from long experience that this capital dee Displeases us, but sometimes he just can't resist. From the window I will watch him (1) sidle up to an interesting-looking spot (2) swipe a paw over it (3) check to see if anyone is watching and (4) dive gleefully into action when the coast looks clear. We crack down hard on this activity in the horse paddock because he digs deep, narrow holes that pose a threat to Tonka and the accident-prone Raven. In the goat paddock we let him work on projects that don't compromise the fence and he is pictured here with his masterpiece. It may not look like much, it extends almost two feet back under the grass, and goes about 18" deep. In another week or so he will be able to stash all three goats in there. (Aside to Carol: I guess he's not completely hideous.)


Jean said...

You could rent him out as an automatic post-hole digger!!!!

Carole said...

Wow! Maybe you can get him a job trenching water lines!

Funder said...

He's going to dig to China.

Wait, you're pretty far north and west... Is he digging to Russia?

Anyway, stay alert for confused-looking illegal immigrants in your goat paddock.

Catherine said...

I know that side look he's giving you. He's saying
"Oh shit, she's found out. I knew that little voice in my head saying 'Don't do it Dog!' was for some reason...Maybe if i just sit here quietly for a moment and not say anything she won't get too mad"
Jazz and Titan could be brothers!