Monday, May 11, 2009

Mow Me Down

During our first summer at Farcical Farm David and I had to decide between getting a cheap riding mower plus a cheap push mower, or just a high quality push mower. The latter option was less expensive overall, and quality is something we both appreciate in our equipment. Thus we end up mowing about 2/3 of an acre with a self-propelled 8.75hp Husquvarna. Note the horse power -- almost half of what Georange can muster.
A very powerful lawn mower is part blessing and part curse. Where other mowers might quail at wet 10 inch grass ours plows right through. And where other mowers question the advisability of running over a brick or an errant marrow bone ours seizes any opportunity to test its prowess. Since its purchase we have nearly doubled the cost of our investment in new blades and bent shaft repairs. Although our weeds are plentiful, they are not tall and you could tell that the mower was not sufficiently challenged this weekend. We managed to steer clear of all dangerous obstacles, but who knows what next weekend will bring.

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